Manfred Von Richthofen's The Red Baron

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The Red Baron is the autobiography of the famous German flyer, Manfred von Richthofen. The book was published in Garden City, New York by Doubleday & Company, Inc. in 1969. In 230 pages, The Red Baron, demonstrates what warfare is like from the eyes of von Richthofen. The book was crafted using entires to his diary and letters he has written to his family.
Manfred von Richthofen was born in Kleinberg, a small town near Breslau (Now Wrocław, Poland), May 2nd 1892. He was born the eldest in to an Aristocratic Prussian family, with one sister, Elisabeth, and two brothers who also would join the military, Lothar and Bolko. His father was Major Albrecht von Richthofen was a high German nobleman1. As he was raised in an aristocratic environment...

Every entry in his diary shares the progression of his involvement in the cavalry and the air corp. The end of the book was concluded by his brothers, Lothar and Bolko, due to his early death. Canadian Ace, captain Arthur Roy Brown, was credited with the victory against Manfred and he would have his own entry in the book commentating his experience on that day. Throughout the book there are footnotes which give more information on something Manfred would brief. Every third section of the book there would be photographs and portraits of Mandred and other German soldiers, as well as photographs of airplanes. The Appendix is in seven parts; a list of all victories by Manfred with included dates and the type of plane that was shot down. A list of flying aces from each major country who participated. A page with all the medals and awards Manfred achieved. A memoire written by Reichcmarschall Hermann Göring. A timeline of World War I is include at the back of the book if one wants to keep track of what is occurring during the time Manfred is in action. The last pages included specs and data of each plane he flew or...
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