Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Topics: Discrimination, Conflict, Stereotype Pages: 7 (2253 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Managing a wide range of cultural diversity in the Australian workplace impossible. We are now in the 21st century and immigrants are entering Australia in greater numbers than they did a decade ago. Nearly double, 70,200 in 1999–00 to 168,685 in 2010–11 (Australian Bureau of Statistics.)[4] The workforce demographics have indeed changed and a reflection of these changes are occurring in the workforce. Cultural misunderstandings and language barriers are enormous obstacles to overcome for effective work relationships. The changing demands of the workplace and global competition among companies is increasing ,effective ways to meet the needs of diverse employees and customers. The workforce now has a suggestion of different places, cultures, and backgrounds. Different values, beliefs and behaviours are now bought into our workplace. Workplaces need to know how to manage these differences and allow individuality to reach their fullest potential while in pursuit of organisations objectives. Diversity and the factors that make us diverse and one’s own identity which can create barriers that prevent the acceptance of diversity. There is evidence to suggest the Diversity is the workplace and has been happening for sometime, after all Australia was built by immigrants and migrants. Education has been needed successfully to address barriers on an individual and supervisory level. Accountability and individual’s responsibility are also relative to accepting and promoting diversity within the workplace. Included in this assessment is a strategy for workplaces to be effective in managing diversity with a description of FAIR and also a five step conflict resolution tool. ( Diversity has been considered in programs such as Affirmative Action or Equal Employment Opportunity initiatives, Discrimination, written in Law link by attorney general and justice (lawlink.nsw.government.) The Equal Opportunity Management Institute definition is "A composite of racial, gender, ethnic, national origin, cultural, attitudinal, socio-economic, and personal differences.” (EOMI: 4300-2) The dictionary defines diversity as “The state or fact of being diverse [different].” (Webster; 191) So, diversity simply means differences, with many factors making up these differences. Maslow stated that he saw an hierarchy into which the needs of a human being arranged themselves. Approaching a given situation depends on who the individuals are and many other factors. Those many factors make us different. Primary factors are a composition of those genetic characteristics of which we have no control, those being gender, race, age, and physical abilities and qualities. Those characteristics are generally absolute and basically shape our self-image as well as our fundamental worldview. To contrast the other many factors that are acquired that make up diversity, modified or discarded as live our lives (DuPont.K 1997.) They may include educational background, differences in personal work style, skills/talents, education, and geographical location are examples of other diversity dimensions that make a difference in how to work together, income, marital and parental status, religious or spiritual beliefs and experiences gained in employment. These influences show how we interact or perceive one another. Kay duPont author of Handling Diversity in the workplace discusses additions to these factors and have created more diversity within our environments. Her statement suggests, “there are over 40 million people with disabilities in the United States and many of them are in the work place (1997.)”

Their differences do not suggest they are unable to have as many valid ideas and abilities as the non-disabled, however many people are unable to look beyond their disability(1997.) DuPont relates in her book to say that people are also made up of differing personality styles, learning styles and...
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