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ASSIGNMENT TITLE: British petroleum (BP)

MAY 2012




SUBMISSION DATE: 15th may 2012


Introduction| 4|
PART 1Task 1- Structure and culture of BP and relationship between the different processes and functions.| 5-7| Task2-identify British petroleum mission and objectives and analyses the structure and culture of the organization| 8-9| Task3- Explain transformation process.| 10-12| Task4-Map a process at British petroleum.| 13-14| Task5- Business process measures at British petroleum| 15| PART2.Task1-SMART target for BP| 16|

Task2- planning and control cycle| 17-18|
Task3-| 19-21|
Task 4| 22|
Task 5| 23|
References list| 24|


British Petroleum (BP) is multinational Gas and oil Company headquartered company in London, (United Kingdom). British Petroleum is the third-largest energy company and fourth-largest company in the world measured by 2011 revenues and one of the six gas and oil "super majors .It is vertically integrated and is active in every area of the gas and oil industry, including refining, marketing and distribution ,power generation and trading exploration and production, petrochemicals. It also has major renewable energy activities, including in wind power, hydrogen and biofuels. British Petroleum has been also involved in the number of environmental safety incidents and received criticism for its political influence.

I have explained quite lot information about British Petroleum in this assignment in many ways such as

* Structure and Culture of BP
* Functions of BP
* British Petroleum mission and Objectives
* Transformation Process
* Process at British Petroleum
* Business Process measures
* SMART target for BP
* Planning and control cycle for a department in BP
* Gantt chart and a critical path explain activities
* Standard and Procedures for an organization
* Profit levels


Describe the Structure and culture of BP and evaluate the inter-relationship between the different processes and functions of BP. Structure of BP
British petroleum is the multinational gas and Oil Company and its headquarters available in London, United Kingdom. British petroleum has around about 80,300 employees and operations about over 80 countries with 21,800 service stations worldwide. British petroleum has main activities are exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas; supply, refining, marketing, transportation and manufacturing of petrochemicals. The group is organised into two business sectors:

1. Refining& Marketing
2. Exploration & Production and an alternative energy business.

1. Refining and Marketing: the refining and marketing in business sector which is responsible for the refining, trading ,supply, transportation and marketing of petroleum and crude oil products to retail customers and wholesale. It mainly covers the four activities which are; lubricants, retail, refining and business to business marketing. In the all of these four areas; its main goal is grow through focused investment, to build its assets and also to deliver greater operational effectiveness.

2. Exploration and Production: the exploration and production business sector usually undertakes the both type activities which are; the midstream activities and upstream activities. The midstream activities basically cover the natural gas pipelines and crude oil, export terminals as well as the liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing facilities.

Alternative Energy...
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