Managing Activities and Achieving Results

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Quality control Pages: 6 (2319 words) Published: January 5, 2011
Outcome 1: Evaluate the importance of business process in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives3 Outcome 2: Developing plans for areas of responsibility5
Outcome 3: Quality7
Outcome 4: Health and Safety in the work place10
Outcome 5: Operational Plans11

OUTCOME 1: EVALUATE THE IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS PROCESS IN DELIVERING OUTCOMES BASED UPON BUSINESS GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 1.A. GE culture is highly influenced by the factor of innovation. This can be considered as the prime reason for its existence over such a long period of time along with maintaining present level of goodwill in the market. This can be best represented by handy model as this model laid its focus over maintaining flexibility in the work system of the organization which is an obligatory measure to be adopted in an organization like GE. b. Deal and Kennedy model relates two important aspects, i.e. risk and feedback associated with the company in a highly refined manner. This is a relevant model with respect to GE because of the level of diversity present in its culture along with high potential that is required to make sure that all the competencies of GE are utilized appropriately. This has been depicted in below shown figure, (Deal and Kennedy's cultural model)

2.Mission statement of an organization is directly related with the inner strength of the company. This has to be defined in such a manner that it is not deviated from its main objective. It is liable to take factors like economy, market fierceness, operations, stakeholders into account as these are the most important entities associated with the process of production. Economy of the company and external environment makes an important impact along with level of market competition as these factors define profitability of the company. Operations are the internal strength that organization possesses which helps in improving the cost efficiency of the company along with taking optimum care of stakeholders and their interests as they are highly important for future prospects. (PREPARING A MISSION STATEMENT) 3.A process has three basic components, i.e. Input, Operation, and Output. All the components have their own relevance and none of which can be ignored from the discussion. When the case of GE is analyzed, it is observed that it posses huge demand of input in order to process and produce outcome. In certain cases it is able to suffice its demands from its other streams, but for rest of its streams it has to perform relevant operations. There should be an optimization for all the 3 components if profitability is to be increased in a continuous format. 4.Matrix management is a strategy generally adopted by large organizations in order to maintain decorum within their premises. In this type of management, entire management is divided into different sections that are assigned diversified work in accordance to their respective designation. This has been shown below,

1.Project Management domain of the organization is responsible for taking care of a number of features at different level of operations. Thus there should be proper scheduling of work in order to make sure that there is no ambiguity in the functioning of the organization which is operating at such a massive scale. Work Breakdown Structure plays a crucial role in GE as it refers to division of work for a particular project over timescale. There should also an element of flexibility in WBS in order to make sure that objectives of project are achieved in an effective manner. 2.Planning is such an element that acts as an essence for the organization. For an organization like GE, planning has to be performed at different possible levels. Like it can be done at strategic and operational echelon. Strategic planning is the first step to be taken by an organization towards its goals and objectives. This is performed by top...
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