Manager Role Within Functional Areas Of Business

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Manager Role within Functional Areas of Business
Johnney Chen
Mar 17, 2015
James Reding
Manager Role within Functional Areas of Business
A great number of companies establish their organizational structures in different functional areas. Every functional area is a unit, division or a department, and each of them has their skills, expertise. And also, they have different jobs and missions. For Instance, they are Law, Human resource, and accounting. Manager Role

"As a manager you are there to get things done through people. You decide what to do and then ensure that it gets done with the help of members of your team. You deal with programs, processes, events and eventualities. "(Armstrong, March 2013) As we all know that Manager is a role which uses all the knowledge and experiences she or he has to operate the business. A manager who needs to have both short term and long term plans bases of business operation to advance the company continually. Be a coordinator is also a role as manager should do. For internal company, manager needs to coordinate with different functional department toward any eventualities; for the external company, manager needs coordinate the relations between businesses. Human Resource Management

Human resource department is responsible for all matters and activities of personnel’s in the organization like recruiting, new hire orientation, training, employee compensation and disciplinary action. Therefore, human resource manager formulates and determines policies and rules which are suitable to all employees like time off, vacation and benefits. And, she/ he makes plans for attaining recruitment, training, compensation, performance comprehensive evaluation, along with the strategies planning, company visions, goals. For example, manager will set a plan arranging job preview, on-the-job training or off- job training base on different period. The manager directs whose departments to make sure the company’s positions are occupied by outstanding and appropriate staffs. Manager also implement performance appraisal to each employee and then gives awards and punishments. Finance, Accounting, Law and Economics

These four different functional areas have a common characteristic which is they all can bring on a direct impact on the company's interest. Managers in the finance area must have professional proficiency in these areas since they need to look for sources of funding as an equity, debts or loans. They direct resources to purchase funds and utilize each budget wisely. Manager of the economics area needs to plan the development tendency of future business based on the world economic, political situation, etc. Business, state, federal and international laws and regulations need to be considered when formulating different aspect plans or policies. for this reason, manager in law area has to ensure the company operates legally and protect the company by taking legal precaution. Manager in the accounting area is responsible for checking financial transactions of all departments to make sure everything is leading toward the corporation aims, also follows accounting standards, high standard business ethics. Operations, Marketing and Research

An effective manager in Operations area needs to understand thoroughly the whole supply chain and delivery system for the business also have a broad acknowledgment of customer demand. It requires an understanding of what is a true measure of satisfaction to a client. It might be a quick response to customer inquiries, a good customer service or a cost-effective price. After knowing what makes your customers happy, provide guidance to team members and train them how to fulfill customers' needs. Marketing and research managers need to study and forecast for the data of patron demands, interests, and the similarity and replaceability of competitors. According to the analysis of market conditions and consumer behaviors to decide and plan future...
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