Management Pattern of Pubali Bank Ltd

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1.1 Introduction of Pubali Bank Ltd.

The Bank is initially emerged in the Banking scenario of the East Pakistan as Estern Markentile Bank Ltd. as the initiative of some Bangalee entrepreneurs in the year 1959 under the Bank Company act 1913. After independence of Bangladesh in 1972 this bank was nationalized as per policy of the Government and renamed as Pubali Bank. Subsequently due to changed circumstances this bank was denationalized in the year 1983 as a private bank and renamed as Pubali Bank Limited. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh handed over all assets and liabilities of the then Pubali Bank to Pubali Bank Limited. Since then Pubali Bank Limited has been rendering all sorts of commercial Banking services as the largest bank in the private sector through its branch network all over the country.

Pubali Bank Limited provides mass banking services to the customers through its 410 branch network all over the country. This bank has been playing a vital role in socio-economic, industrial and agricultural development as well as in the overall economic development of the country since its inception through savings mobilization and investment of funds. During the last 5 years the growth rate of bank’s earnings is more than 50 % on average.

1.2 Vision and Mission of Pubali Bank Ltd.
To become the best Bank in Bangladesh within 2013.
To provide excellent quality Customer service
To maintain Corporate and business ethics.
To become a trusted repository of customers' money and their financial advisor. •To provide high quality financial services in export and import trade. •To make our stock superior and rewarding to the customers/share holders. •To display team spirit and professionalism.

To have a Sound Capital Base.
This bank is one of the most disciplined Banks with a distinctive corporate culture. Here we believe in shared meaning, shared understanding and shared sense making. Our people can see and understand events, activities, objects and situation in a distinctive way. They mould their manners and etiquette, character individually to suit the purpose of the Bank and the needs of the customers who are of paramount importance to us. The people in the Bank see themselves as a tight knit team/family that believes in working together for growth. The corporate culture we belong has not been imposed; it has rather been achieved through our corporate conduct.

1.3 Objectives of Pubali Bank Ltd.
01.To carry on, transact, undertake and conduct the business of banking in all its branches and transact and do all matters and things incidental thereto in Bangladesh and abroad; 02.To receive, borrow, or raise money on deposit, loan or otherwise, upon such terms as the Company may approve and to give guarantees and indemnities in respect of all debts and contracts; 03.To advance, deposit and lend money on real, personal and mixed securities, on cash, credit or other accounts, on policies, bonds, debentures, bills of exchange, promissory notes, letter of credits, or other wares and merchandise, bills of sale and lading, delivery orders, or other mercantile indicia or tokens, bullion stocks and shares; 04.To establish, maintain, carry on, transact and undertake all kinds of investment, merchant and financial business, including underwriting, managing and distributing the issue of stocks, shares, bonds, debentures, import permits and other securities directly or through jointly with one or more banks or financial institutions; 05.To advance, deposit or lend money to or with such persons, firms or bodies corporate or un-incorporate and so on such terms as may seem expedient; 06.To carry on the business of discounting, dealing in exchanges in specie and securities and all kinds of mercantile banking; 07.To carry on business of dealers in foreign exchange including buying and selling of foreign exchange, dealing in foreign currency notes, granting and issuing of...
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