Management and Alison Barnard

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Case Study Report (Alison Barnard)
The entrepreneur in the case study was Alison Barnard. She is very interested in fashion and used the skills she learned while attending Babson's business school to start her own retail store, which is focusing perfect-fitting pair of jeans on women. Barnard started her stores, 26 years old, which is located in Boston's newest neighborhood, the North End, with more than 30 brands of jeans in order to accommodate many body look of her customers. When Barnard isn't at her flagship store helping women find their perfect fit, she's down the street at Twilight, her newest store, opened in March 2006 and specializes in both formal and casual dresses. THE PROBLEMS IN BUSINESS AND THEIR CAUSES

The analysis of scalability of that business guided to the discussion of challenges and limitations. The first challenge that Alison faces is the maintenance of the store. The limitations that she faces was lack of appropriate employees, opportunity for growth and lack of timing to upgrade her managing skills. It will make her business progress to be slow and loss of customers by unable to find the right jeans. Alison has made a mistake by signing the lease prior to have the profit without analyze the outcome. In my opinion, Alison loosed her trust with the fact that she actually can earn the money to invest in her business. What she worried about was, someone else will steal her ideas if she wastes a lot of time by thinking the outcome and took the risk.

The implications on growth lie within finding personnel that fit Alison’s requirements and finding a management strategy that would make the business more scalable. In my opinion, the right marketing strategy and making the store more independent are key success factors for “In.jean.ious”. POSSIBLE SOLUTION

By making a good business strategy can help her to find a good financial, highly experience workers and strategic location which can help her to open her business...
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