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Activity 3
1. There are a number of scope management issues that need to be addressed. Scope control might help prevent some of these issues. What is scope control?

Change is inevitable and throughout the project life cycle the desire for change comes from different stakeholders. Scope control looks at the influencing factors that create changes to the project scope and how to control the impact of changes through the project Integrated Change Control process. The Change Control processes focuses on:

1. Cataloguing the documented requests and paperwork
2. Tracking the requests through the system
3. Determining the required authorisation levels for varying changes and 4. Supporting the integrated change control policies of the project. 5. Facilitation of scope change to determine changes are agreed upon 6. Determines if scope change has occurred

7. Managing the scope changes as they occur through the project lifecycle.

A balance is required between flexibility and control in an efficient scope and change control process. If the process is too onerous participants may fail to implement correctly however if there is insufficient process change consequences may not be evaluated correctly. This is why the project work definition outlines various responsibilities and associated authority levels.

Project scope control is also used to manage the actual changes when they occur and is integrated with the other control processes. Uncontrolled changes are often referred to as project scope creep. Change is inevitable, thereby mandating some type of change control process. The biggest thing to remember is to communicate to all team members and stake holders during this process. It is wise to institute a formal change control system.

A project scope change control system, documented in the project scope management plan, defines the procedures by which the project scope and product scope can be changed. The system includes:

1. On what basis changes should be approved
2. What stakeholders are responsible
3. The documentation detailed forms etc
4. Tracking systems
5. Approval levels necessary for authorising changes.
6. The membership of a change control board(s)
7. Linking to other management procedures
8. What tools will be used to support and manage the process 9. Communication policy to promote the process and its importance to all stakeholders

The scope change control system is integrated with any overall project management information system to control project scope. When the project is managed under a contract, the change control system also complies with all relevant contractual provisions.

Project performance measurements are used to assess the magnitude of variation. Important aspects of project scope control include determining the cause of variance relative to the scope baseline and deciding whether corrective action is required. Earned value management is very helpful here. Approved change requests affecting the project scope can require modifications to the WBS and WBS dictionary, the project scope statement, and the project scope management plan. These approved change requests can cause updates to components of the project management plan.

A formal configuration management system provides procedures for the status of the deliverables, and assures that requested changes to the project scope and product scope are thoroughly considered and documented before being processed through the Integrated Change Control process.

The change control process will run continuously during the project and often into live running of the project. A review of change requests are utilised as part of a continuous improvement strategy.

2. What specific issues will scope management controls address?
The scope management controls will specifically address:

1. The scope definition (scope statement, WBS,WBS dictionary, SOW) 2. Authority and...
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