Man Made Disaster

Topics: Natural environment, Ecology, Sociology Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: August 3, 2010
Man Made Disaster

The affects of over population on natural environment are vivid. As of November, 2008, the world’s population is estimated to be about 6.7 billion. It is expected to reach nearly nine billion by the year 2042. This issue of increasing population should be at the forefront of our attention. The rising population has resulted in high fuel consumption and reduction of natural resources. Due to such major growth in population, human needs also grow, in time; there will not be enough food and land to sustain the population. Thousands starve to death every day around the world. Large populations need factories to satisfy food needs, which is why air in most big cities is becoming increasingly unhealthy. Similarly, the increasing speed of fuel is an important issue. Forests are disappearing, we require more gas for house-hold usage, more people need more food, we burn more petroleum to drive cars and more electricity is needed to run houses and factories. Oil, water, and forests are all limited resources. Oil is necessary for the operation of all sorts of machinery and drinkable water is also not enough for huge population in the world. Underground water is needed for crops, but it is also running out. When population percentage goes very high then industries go unregulated, forests are vanishing from earth, harmful gases increases, which damage the environment, and set the world in danger. Thus, over population is a threat to natural environment. Over population also affects our social environment. The social environment is the types of people that are around us, this environment include of different age groups, religious group, and nationalities. The over population lead the society to many social problems mostly in developing countries. Poverty, sickness, pollution, crime, unemployment, and homelessness are all linked to the growth of population. The example of poverty is, a poor big family who had seven children and a boy age twelve was in grade...
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