Topics: Marketing, Business, Ingvar Kamprad Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: June 25, 2013
The case study
“Meeting the needs of the consumer: An IKEA Case Study”

An introduction

To the Case Study company IKEA study to show how the vision and mission of quality Ingvar Kamprad entrepreneurs which is about the decor and design house that has a low cost to the majority of people can afford.

According to the case study provided and prepare a report responding
What kind of Business is IKEA? What is the goal of the company for today’s business? Discuss how IKEA’s vision and mission lead the company to the success and Discuss why it is important to a company to learn what consumer needs.

1. What kind of business is IKEA?
IKEA is a wide range of home furniture and decorate items of good design and function, at prices so low the majority of people could afford to buy them.

2. What is the goal of the company for today’s business?
IKEA's vision of the business is ‘Creating a better quality of living for the common man.’ This can be achieved with a clear business policy is the distribution of furniture and home decor products that range. Designed creatively. Emphasis on applications and a beautiful simplicity. Reasonable prices that people can afford. The three key dimensions of IKEA are therefore: Good FORM and FUNCTION, at a LOW PRICE.    

3. Discuss how IKEA’s vision and mission lead the company to the success. At IKEA our vision is ‘to create a better everyday life for the many people.’ Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.     A vision is the ideal or aim to which an organisation and its people work. Having a clear vision enables an organisation to enthuse its employees, customers, suppliers and other important stakeholders. Ingvar Kamprad’s vision, for example, was different and exciting because it said that ordinary people mattered. Nowadays, many modern...
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