Major Tasks of Marketing Management - Summary of Kotler

Topics: Marketing, Supply and demand, Product Pages: 4 (796 words) Published: September 6, 2010
Major Tasks of Marketing Management

The popular image of the marketer is that he is a professional whose job is to create and maintain demand for something. Unfortunately, this is too limited a view of the range of marketing challenges he faces. Depending upon the type of demand, the different marketing tasks can be classified into eight types:

1. Negative Demand:

|Definition |A state in which all or most of the important segments of the potential market dislike the | | |product and in fact might conceivably pay a price to avoid it. | |Examples |Vegetarians feel negative demand for meat of all kinds. | |Challenges for the Marketer |Conversional Marketing: The marketer faces a market that dislikes the object. The challenge is to| | |develop a plan that will cause demand to rise from negative to positive and eventually equal the | | |positive supply level. |

2. No Demand:

|Definition |A state in which all or most of the important segments of the potential market are uninterested | | |or indifferent to a particular object. Three different categories of objects are characterized by| | |no demand. 1. Those that are perceived as having no value. 2. Familiar objects that are | | |recognised to have value but not in the particular market. 3. No demand because of no knowledge | | |of the object. | |Examples |1. Urban junk such as disposable coke bottles....
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