Magnet Facilities and Nursing Turnover

Topics: Nurse, Management, Nursing Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The nursing research question that is being asked in the large picture is “Do Magnet principles affect nursing turnover and satisfaction?” In looking at this question by the method of a systematic review, the following article was found, “Factors influencing job satisfaction of front line nurse managers: a systematic review” (Cummings& Lee, 2008). This review is pertinent to nursing research in the fact that it addresses a different set of nurses whom support those who are the direct caregivers. If they are not satisfied in their position, it could affect those whom they lead. As healthcare heads into its next phase, those who lead them are a barometer of the staff. The newest governmental standards address patient safety, quality, and satisfaction, in a financial context for healthcare institutions. While this is a patient barometer, there are many studies that indicate that staff engagement and satisfaction, and even lower turnover affects patient outcomes. So if one follows that line of evidence, to further research how the managerial satisfaction could affect both factors. The article discusses the vital role that front line managers play as a liaison between the staff level and administration. The study itself also notes the limited amount of research on this subject, as most research is more focused on the front line nursing staff satisfaction. This was felt to have relevance not only on current research, but also to be able to recommend further studies.

The studies included in this review were all peer reviewed, with specific inclusion criteria, this would help prevent bias, by having different roles that would not truly be considered nurse managers, such as Clinical Educators or Charge Nurses. Any study that measured job satisfaction as well as those which had predictors of job satisfaction was included. The final inclusion criteria were studies that addressed the relationships between job satisfaction, and front line managers. Both qualitative...

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