Macbeth the Tyrant

Topics: Macbeth, Guilt, Conscience Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: October 18, 2012
A wise man once said, “Dreams do come true. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything for it.” In the play Macbeth, sacrifice is the driving force in ensuring dreams become reality. There are numerous sacrifices including: Macbeth who sacrifices his morality to take the throne, Macduff who sacrifices his family and clear conscience to liberate Scotland and Lady Macbeth, who sacrifices her femininity and relationship to ensure Macbeth becomes king.

Unquestionably, Macbeth is portrayed as a hero in the beginning of the play but ultimately sacrifices his morality to achieve his goal of king. Macbeth is a man of many admirable qualities. He is brave and valiant, as addressed by the Sergeant and Duncan, following the killing of the traitor Macdonwald. However, evidently through the gruesome deaths of Duncan`s enemies, a fierce and merciless Macbeth is seen. Yet a strong sense of loyalty emanates as he fights for his king. On the contrary to this fierce and merciless image, Macbeth is regarded as an extremely kind man prior to the murder of Duncan. After reading the letter Macbeth had sent to Lady Macbeth, she says, ``Yet I do fear thy nature, it is too full o`the milk of human kindness…” (1.5.16-17). She is saying that Macbeth is much too kind-hearted to do what is necessary to become king. This respectable and admirable side to Macbeth is short-lived. In his effort to obtain power, his moralities are pushed aside, resulting with the destruction of his admirable self. His weak traits and characteristics gradually surface as the play goes on. Macbeth, following the introduction of Lady Macbeth, is seen as weak and indecisive as he yields to Lady Macbeth’s taunts and evidently questions his moralities. After cowardly killing Duncan in his sleep, his morality results with him to be guilt ridden. From here, his morality only continues to decline with his desire to stay in power. To do so, Macbeth takes precautions to remain as king and orders the...
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