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Topics: Water, Yann Martel, Rain Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: April 30, 2014
23 April 2014
Water: An Extended Metaphor
A controversial topic discussed in society today is about the impact of symbols used within various texts or plays by writers. Many authors use symbols to relate to numerous connections such as cultural beliefs or between the balance of light and dark. Shakespeare and Yann Martel use water as their main symbol throughout their stories to enable the reader to connect his/her emotions with the story. The motif of water plays a significant role in both Macbeth and Life of Pi. In Macbeth, water is shown through its tone on the atmosphere, remorse, and purification. However, in Life of Pi, the motif of water is shown through Pi’s name, and the extended idea.

In Macbeth, water is used as an extended metaphor to set the atmosphere throughout the duration of the book, through dialogue between characters and overall scene directions. For example, the first scene in the play starts off with the first witch saying, “When shall we meet again? In thunder, lightning or in rain?”(Shakespeare 1.1.1-2). This suggests pathetic fallacy is used through the weather and foreshadows a devastating event to occur in the play. However, rain is used completely different in Macbeth as it is used in Life of Pi. In Macbeth, rain is viewed to be gloomy and dark, also to be known as a sign that foreshadowed bad things were to come. Whereas in Life of Pi, rain was taken as joy because whenever it rained, it opened up an opportunity for Pi to use as his supplies for fresh water. This is shown through the quotation, “A female with a single club, the goat belated oddly the cub who looked to be, about three months old, paid little attention to the goat it raced toward the water’s edge”, which suggests that it does not matter whether you were to be a tiger, human, goat, flower, or ant, water is more important than food to a hungry tiger.

Other than setting the atmosphere, water is used to unlock the hidden message of guilt and remorse which...
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