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Macbeth essay

By carlito111 Dec 04, 2013 412 Words
In the beginning, Macbeth is ambitious in a way that is non-violent, for example, fighting the Norwegians for Duncan of Scotland. Therefore, his ambition was for a greater good and not for his own welfare. After his encounter with the witches, he is already thinking of killing Duncan. This Ambition is Greed

Macbeth believed of what the witches told him that he will be a crowned king and Lady Macbeth influenced Macbeth to kill king Duncan so that Macbeth will be the king and Lady Macbeth will be the queen, Macbeth killed king Duncan because he wants to be a king, Macbeth killed Banquo and his son(Unsuccessful) because he believed that Banquo’s son will be the new kings and that he is scared about the prophecy that he will be defeated by a person not born from a woman’s womb (caesarian)

The Second is when he realizes that in order to keep the throne, he must kill Banquo. This is because Banquo is the only one that knows of the witches’ prophecy Macbeth knows that the prophecy states that Banquo’s children will be the new kings after him. Therefore, he attempts the killing of Banquo and more importantly his son, Fleance. He kills them because he is afraid Macduff knows he killed Duncan.

Lastly Macbeth knows that by the second prophecy, he will only be defeated by a person not born from a woman, and until the birnam wood moves to dunsinsane. He, at this time thinks he’s invisible Until he sees that Macduff’s army has used the trees to move dunsinsane as a cover. He next finds out that Macduff was not born. But instead cut from his mother’s womb. Now, Macbeth is motivated by knowing that he must fight, even if he knows he must die. He realized his downfall and fights anyway.

Macbeth is a play about the eclipse of civility and manhood the temporary triumph of evil when it ends, virtue and justice are restored, “Shakespeare displays a remarkable perception of the human condition by dramatizing not only the way in which evil enters Macbeth’s world but also the devastating effect it has on those who yield to temptation and sin. Shakespeare concludes the tragedy on a helpful note, however, for as awesome and corruptive as the evil is that pervades Macbeth, it is only temporary. Ultimately, time and order are restored through the actions of the defenders of goodness.

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