Macbeth and Animal Farm

Topics: Animal Farm, Macbeth, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: May 31, 2014
AO3 = explain links between the texts, evaluating writers’ different ways of expressing meaning and achieving effects
Focus on progression of power

Compare the way George Orwell and William Shakespeare present and develop power and attitudes to power in Animal Farm and Macbeth.

Writer’s sharing of attitudesother characters and writers AO1 = respond to texts critically and imaginatively; select and evaluate relevant textual detail to illustrate and support interpretations AO2 = explain how language, structure and form contribute to writers’ presentation of ideas, themes and settings AO4 = relate texts to their social, cultural and historical contexts; explain how texts have been influential and significant to self and other readers in different contexts and at different times Introduction:

Both writers present their leaders, Napoleon and Macbeth, as corrupt as they both crave power. However, the writers differ in their presentation of the power these characters display to their audiences. Both writers were influenced by the time in which they were writing;

-Animal Farm written during WW2 but set in Russian Revolution… Orwell intended Napoleon’s power to seem evil and corrupt.
-Macbeth written shortly after King James of Scotland took the throne but was set in the 11th Century where life was more cut-throat. Both characters refer to Stalin and the Russian Revolution of 1917. Banquo and Snowball:

Both Shakespeare and Orwell present rivals as threats to their leaders’ power. Shakespeare introduces this threat through the Witches in Act 1, scene 3 when the third witch announces that Banquo ‘shall get kings’. In Macbeth’s soliloquy in Act 3, scene 2, the audience is reminded that he is predisposed with maintaining his power, now that he has become king, and illustrates that Banquo was announced as a ‘father to a line of kings’. The audience assumes that Macbeth is infertile as he feels he is unable to produce an heir as he expresses his...
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