Mac Os vs Windows

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Compare Mac OS and Windows
1. Introduction
a- Windows
Microsoft Windows is the name of the software operating system monopoly of Microsoft Windows has many different versions as: Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7,…. b- Mac

Mac OS (short for Macintosh Operating System) is the operating system with the window and was developed by the company to Apple Computer Apple Macintosh computer. Mac has many different versions as: Mac OS (6,7,8,9), Mac OS X(Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard) 2. The same between Windows and Mac

Both Mac and Windows is the operating system interface window and go through many different versions Provides convenient integrated user support
User interface has many features to support people with disabilities(Accessibility) Both the new system are to enhance security. Both operating systems are not installed the software but the virus has mechanisms and facilities against malicious software (Malware)

Two operating systems are integrated web server
3. Mac's strong points compared with windows
a- The independence of the resolution
This is also a feature to hide hide in Mac OS X right from the first beta version of Tiger (Leopard version). The interface independent so was "liberating" for software development, which must be output to your screen is 72 points / icnh (written in English units are DPI). This technology helps users view the details (more pixels per point but more than a few points on the screen) or more general (less pixels per point but more points on the screen).

b- Audiovisual software Quick Time
Quick Time version of Leopard is still 7.1 but improved a lot QTKit standard framework, including editing pixels (pixels) is not square, the open use of "clean". This means the area shown on the video does not contain the end there because the encryption cause.

c- Back up...
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