Topics: Cancer, White blood cell, Bone marrow Pages: 3 (262 words) Published: July 31, 2013
This article is about
lymphoma in humans. For
the disease in dogs, cats,
and ferrets, see lymphoma
in animals.
Classification and exte
Follicular lymphoma repla
lymph node
ICD-10 C81 -C9
ICD-9 202.8
ICD-O: 9590-99
MedlinePlus 000580
MeSH D00822
Lymphoma is a type of
blood cancer that occurs
when B or T lymphocytes,
[1] the white blood cells
that form a part of the
immune system and help
protect the body from
infection and disease,
divide faster than normal
cells or live longer than
they are supposed to.
Lymphoma may develop in
the lymph nodes, spleen,
bone marrow, blood or
other organs[2] and
eventually they form a
Typically, lymphoma
presents as a solid tumor
of lymphoid cells.
Treatment might involve
chemotherapy and in
some cases radiotherapy
and/or bone marrow
transplantation, and
lymphomas can be curable
depending on the
histology, type, and stage
of the disease.[3] These
malignant cells often
originate in lymph nodes,
presenting as an
enlargement of the node
(a tumor). It can also affect
other organs in which
case it is referred to as
extranodal lymphoma.
Extranodal sites include
the skin, brain, bowels and
bone. Lymphomas are
closely related to lymphoid
leukemias, which also
originate in lymphocytes
but typically involve only
circulating blood and the
bone marrow (where
blood cells are generated
in a process termed
haematopoesis) and do
not usually form static
tumors.[3] There are many
types of lymphomas, and
in turn, lymphomas are a
part of the broad group of
diseases called
hematological neoplasms.
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