Love and Everyday Life Theory
Topics: Love / Pages: 13 (3233 words) / Published: Apr 11th, 2013

External love is praised fiercely by various kinds of media in everyday life, like most popular songs are about external love, they describe the beauty and pain of love which may attract more people to have a experience of it, hence having a relationship with someone are regarded as the ideal or hope. Influenced by this idea, I have two love experiences with girls and I will choose the eternal love as the topic of this project. In this project, first, I will show my two lovely experiences and critically analyze the exact relationship with my love and distinguish which kind of type they are by using the theory of C.S. Lewis. Second, I focus on my first love experience and use the liquid love theory of Bauman to analyze, additional I will discuss why I have this relationship and how can I enjoy it from the theory of Beck, U. and Beck-Gernsheim, E. Third, I will demonstrate my recent real emotion situation and discuss the new forms of love with the theory of Batchelor, S. Fourth, I will integrally analyze the three external love and indicate the self-realisation what I get from the three love experiences also with the theory of Beck, U. and Beck-Gernsheim, E.

Before I show the process of my first love relationship, I analyzed that the reason why I intended to start a relationship is that my everyday life was so repeating boring and I did not accept a belief like religion. In addition to it, which is most important, I had no feeling about connecting with other people from any communities. In senior high school, all of the thing I had to or I simply can do by studying in my everyday life. There are no clubs or activities in my senior high school in order to let students focus on studying so that students can get a high grade in the Gaokao. However, I had no interest in studying the boring and actually useless knowledge to deal with the Gaokao. Unfortunately, I was supervised to achieve the assignment like the exercises of universal gravitation commonplace life by

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