Lord of the Flies Essay

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Civility vs savagery
The beast
The conch
In The Lord of The Flies, the boys need to maintain their civility and not succumb to the savagery of the island.

In The Lord of The Flies, fire is not only used to represent hope and survival, but also destruction and evil. In the beginning of the book, the boys find themselves lost and with little confidence in their chances of being saved. Then Piggy has the idea to start a fire. This was something to hope for. When the boys first lit the fire, “a tiny flame appeared. The flame, nearly invisible at first in that bright sunlight, enveloped a small twig, grew, was enriched with colour and reached up to a branch which exploded” (Golding 40.) The boys lit the fire as a way of trying to signal a passing ship for help. When the fire was growing, it represented the hope that grew in the boys. Each stick represented the boys on the island. As the fire spread, it lit up all of the branches and sticks. This is like how as the fire grew, the optimism for rescue grew. Later in the book, the fire is used for destruction. Jack and the savages, burn the forest to try and kill Ralph. When the boys were saved by the Naval Officer, Ralph looked back at the island and for a minute, “he had a fleeting picture of the strange glamour that had once invested the beaches. But the island was scorched up like dead wood” (Golding 224.) Ralph is looking at the island and seeing what it once was. The fire, that used to represent hope and civility, was used for destruction and evil.

The conch also holds some powerful symbolism. In the beginning of the book, the conch is one of the first symbolic things we see. It is used to call all of the other boys on the island together. One of the many things this represents is civility. Right off the bat when the boys find the conch, Piggy, the one that represents smarts, knows that "[They] can use [the conch] to call the others. Have a meeting. [The other kids will] come when they...
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