Lorax Vs. Jabberwocky: A Comparison

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The Lorax vs. Jabberwocky
Compare and Contrast Essay

The Lorax and the Jabberwocky are two stories told in completely different universes yet they have many things in common as well as many things that are as close as not. The two stories take place in mystical worlds where common day things are distorted and transformed such as the Jabberwocky and the Lorax themselves. Both the stories take place in a mystical world and that is just one of the things that these two stories compare and differ in, their is other ways such as, character plot, setting, and Author’s purpose.

The Jabberwocky and the Lorax were both written for a reason that reason is to entertain the reader as the read the story or poem. The entertaining part of the stories is true for the stories but in the Lorax, the author actually informs the reader about much of the problems that this world faces today. Some of these problems include pollution and global warming (this is represented as the smoke from
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This may be a similarity but the way that both the characters try to obtain these goals is much, much different. In the Lorax, the Lorax tries to obtain his goal of ridding the Once-Ler from a land where Truffula trees grow and thrive and this man comes in and cuts down all the trees and pollutes with trash and toxic gases that cause the animals to move away, including the Lorax. In the Jabberwocky, a young man from a mystic world is told about a beast terrorizing places around him and he is tired of it, after a long and sought out journey he encounters the Jabberwocky and kills the beast with his head as prize. The differences between these two are pretty clearly evident in the way that the Jabberwocky boy achieves his goal while the Lorax does not succeed in his attempts to save the forest where the Truffula trees

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