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Lone-Parent Families – Homework For Thursday 25th September. Courtney Buchanan

Lesson Objective:
To understand why there has been an increase In lone parent families. To understand positive and negatives of lone-parent families.

Definition of lone parent families:
A mother of father living without a partner, with their dependent child or children, the children must be never-married and aged either under 16 or 16 to under 19 and undertaking full time education. Types of lone-parent families:

There are four types of lone parent families:
The ending of a marriage either separation or divorce

The ending of cohabitation where the partner separate

Birth to a never-married, non-cohabitating woman

Death of a partner – for example, a husband dies leaving his wife a dependant woman. Trends in lone-parenthood:
In Britain, since the early 1970’s, lone parent families, as a proportion of all families with dependent children, have steadily increased, from 7% in 1972 to 24% in 2005 During the 1960’s divorce over took death as the main source of lone parent families. From then until the mid 80’s a large part of the increase was due to marital breakup. After 1986, the number of single lone mothers grew at a faster rate.

Explaining the trends:
Divorce: a large part of the increase from 1971 to 1991 was due to marital breakup. The divorce rate rose rapidly after the divorce reform act came into force in 1971. Cohabitation Breakup: Over the same period, the number of marriages was steadily declining and the number of couples cohabiting increasing. Since 1986, the number of single lone mothers has increased at a faster rate than any other category of lone parent. By 2005, they accounted for over 45% of all lone mothers in Britain. Almost half became lone mothers as a result of a breakup of their cohabitation. Cohabitation couples with children are twice as likely to end their relationship with married couples with children. Non-cohabiting never...
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