London Dungeon

Topics: London Dungeon, York Dungeon Pages: 5 (828 words) Published: January 22, 2013
1. Wait a minute, I …..  this box for you. (to carry)

[pic] A. Carry
[pic] B. Will carry
[pic] C. Is carrying
[pic] D. Have carried
2. After Larry …..   the film on TV, he decided to buy the book. (to see)

[pic] A. Have seen
[pic] B. Had seen
[pic] C. Had been seeing
[pic] D. Saw
3.  I …..  for my girlfriend for two hours. (to wait)

[pic] A. Have waited
[pic] B. Have been waiting
[pic] C. Waited
[pic] D. Is waiting
4. While the doctor …..  Mr Jones, his son ……  outside this morning. (to examine) (to wait)

[pic] A. Is examining/is waiting
[pic] B. Was examining/was waiting
[pic] C. Examined/waited
[pic] D. Has examined/has waited
1. Since 2003 they ……  their son every year. (to visit)

[pic] A. Have visited
[pic] B. Have been visiting
[pic] C. Had been visiting
[pic] D. visits
2. The sun ……   in the East. (to rise)

[pic] A. Rise
[pic] B. Rises
[pic] C. Rising
[pic] D. Has risen
3. There are a lot of clouds! It  …… soon. (to rain)

[pic] A. Is raining
[pic] B. Is going to rain
[pic] C. Raining
[pic] D. Has been raining
4. Look! It ….. , so we can't ……  to the beach. (to rain) (to go)

[pic] A. Rains/go
[pic] B. Is raining/go
[pic] C. Is going to rain/go
[pic] D. Rained/went
1. I ….  to visit you yesterday, but you …..  not at home.(to want) (to be)

[pic] A. Wanted/were
[pic] B. Want/are
[pic] C. Want/were
2. We ……  TV when it started to rain. (to watch)

[pic] A. Were watching
[pic] B. Watched
[pic] C. Had watched
[pic] D. Had been watching
3. And on 31 October, a frightfully good Halloween Party (take place) at the Dungeon every year.

[pic] A. Is taking place
[pic] B. Takes place
[pic] C. Took place
4. If you (have) enough money and nerves of steel, you (book / can) the Dungeon for parties, conferences or charity events at night.

[pic] A. Have/can book
[pic] B. Had/could book
[pic] C. Are having/can book
1. Besides the regular opening hours, the Dungeon sometimes also (open) at night.

[pic] A. Open
[pic] B. Opens
[pic] C. Is opening
[pic] D. opened
2. Since its opening in 1975, the Dungeon (attract) many visitors from all over the world.

[pic] A. Has attracted
[pic] B. Had attracted
[pic] C. Is attracting
[pic] D. attracts
3. And this it (do) extremely well.

[pic] A. Does
[pic] B. Did Did
[pic] C. Had done
4. The museum (want) to provoke, shock, educate and delight.

[pic] A. Wanted
[pic] B. Wants
[pic] C. Be wanted
1. Well, if you (fancy) that kind of food, you (love) the meals at the Dungeon restaurant.

[pic] A. Fancy/will love
[pic] B. Will fancy/love
[pic] C. Are fancying/ are loving
[pic] D. Have fancied/love
2. (you / eat / ever) a pizza with fingers and eyeballs on it?

[pic] A. Had you ever eaten
[pic] B. Have you ever eaten
[pic] C. Do you ever eaten
[pic] D. Did you ever eat
3. And the horror (end / not) at the exit of the exhibition.

[pic] A. Does not end
[pic] B. Hadn’t ended
[pic] C. Is not ending
4. The actors, dressed as monsters, ghosts or executers, (hide) in the dark corners of the Dungeon and then suddenly (jump) out and (grab) one of the visitors.

[pic] A. Are hiding/ jump/grab
[pic] B. Is hiding/jumping/grabbing
[pic] C. Hided/ jumped/grabbed
1. While you (walk) around the Dungeon, watch out for creepy creatures - the Dungeon (employ) actors to give its visitors the fright of their lives.

[pic] A. Are walking/ employs
[pic] B. Were walking/employed
[pic] C. Were walking/was employing
[pic] D. Are walking/is employing
2. The atmosphere at the Dungeon (be) really scary - nothing for the faint-hearted.

[pic] A. Is
[pic] B. Was
[pic] C. Were
[pic] D. has
3. The Dungeon also (show) scenes of Jack the Ripper or the beheading of Anne Boleyn, who (be) one of Henry VIII’s six wives.

[pic] A. Shows/was
[pic] B. Are showing/is
[pic] C. Are showing/was
[pic] D. Has shown/has
4. You (experience / can) for example how people (die) on the Gallow or during the Plague of...
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