Lizzie Borden

Topics: Lizzie Borden, Jury, Fall River, Massachusetts Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: August 10, 2014
Lizzie Borden Took an Ax
Hot summer day in 1892, August 4, at Second Street, Fall River Massachusetts, hired girl Bridget was resting in her room when the daughter of Andrew Borden screamed for help calling Maggie come down! At the time Borden’s called Bridget a Maggie. When Maggie came down from her room, she saw Andrew Borden had been killed horrifically. Andrew Borden was a richest man in Fall River director, landlord, and was a banker. At the time he was living with his second wife and two daughters. He was taking a nap on the sofa when he was hit with an axe. It was on its right side on the sofa, his feet were still resting on the floor. Andrews head was bent slightly to the right and his face had been cut. One eye had been cut in half and was protruding from his face that nose had been severed. His wife Abby was on the floor of the guest room upstairs killed by same hand with same weapon that was used when the elderly man was sleeping. This was the most horrific and dastardly killing in Massachusetts history ever. Abby was a short, shy and was an obese woman. Borden’s had been slain by sharp tool that Mrs. Borden head was kicked with sharp instrument over eighteen times, thirteen of them crushed through the skull, Mr. Borden’s body was mutilated and had eleven strokes in the head, four of them crushed the skull.

Lizzie Borden case is one of the mysterious and interesting cases for people who interested in crime for centuries. In American history very few cases attracted much attention as Andrew and Abby Borden’s case. This murder case was found not guilty of gruesome killing of two people. The morning of the murder began with Bridget-Maggie started her duties at 6.15. At 10.55 Maggie went up to her room to rest. Between 6.15-10.55 numbers of things happened like Uncle John and Andrew have had breakfast together etc. Lizzie who was at home during these hours went in to yard or barn for about twenty to thirty minutes. She later said in the trial...
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