Living a Worthwhile Life

Topics: Mind, Positive psychology, Psychology Pages: 3 (1241 words) Published: February 6, 2008
Living a worthwhile life involves being a virtue ethicist where you not only maximize mental and physical benefits to yourself but also to those around you. Virtue ethics revolves around having a moral character, and a moral character is necessary for freeing the body of pain and anxiety, living in moderation, caring more about friends and family than material goods, and finally and most importantly; thinking positively and rationally. These ideas are fundamental for living an advantageous life. As Epicurus says: living a life worthwhile is a life where our body is free from pain and the mind from anxiety. Pain and anxiety are illusions that are caused by our mind. In other words, we would not experience pain and anxiety if we did not have any of our senses in the first place. Pain and fear for example were adapted into humans as a primal instinct in order for us to avoid danger when needed. Consequently, humans have evolved to associate fear with harmless experiences, causing the individual discomfort. For example, an individual may have a fear of bats, even when all the bats that live in his or her environment are harmless. In general, the experience of harmless fear is not necessary for a worthwhile life as we can easily live without it using rational thinking.

Endorsing another one of Epicurus' views; life should be lived in moderation. In order to live a worthwhile life the mind and body must be treated beneficially. Under these circumstances, patience for long-term rewards over short-term ones is required for maximum physical health and a peaceful mind. This is because waiting for long-term rewards consistently carries greater personal benefits than short-term rewards. For example, an individual may have a chance to endorse himself in a fortune of chocolate all in one session, except obviously we know that kind of behavior would be very destructive to the health. On the contrary, if the individual were to eat the chocolate in moderation; as in eating a...
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