Living Together: Positive or Negative

Topics: Arguments, Nuclear meltdown, Family Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Living together: positive or negative
People feel a little scare about the prospect of sharing a living space and they really do not know if making a lifelong commitment and living together with another person will be positive or not. In fact loving someone in close quarters is never easy! Don’t worry; it’s only natural to be a bit nervous when thinking about the prospect. Here are three aspects to take into consideration   when planning to move together: One of the biggest fuels for arguments in a relationship is money. Another one is how the regular household maintenance will be handled. Communication and compromise will lead to a lot less stress in your new adventure together.  When you live with your couple or significant other, arguments over money matters can get heated to a nuclear meltdown faster than you can say Chernobyl. Make sure the two of you work together to come up with a plan of how your finances will be handled. Some financial experts recommend not combining your checking accounts or getting a joint checking account when you first begin living together; even they say that people need marriage contracts, but that choice is really up to you. Either way, you must figure out who is going to be responsible for paying the bills, or how the bill paying duties are going to be separated.  You can go about household maintenance by splitting up the chores. If you are particular about how the laundry is done, then you could take that task while your partner could be put in charge of dishes or something else they don’t mind doing as much. Another way to handle this situation is to trade off chores—you vacuum one time and your partner takes it up the next. An even better option is to make the chores a shared experience. By doing the dishes together (if you don’t have a dishwasher) or doing the laundry with your partner, a sense of teamwork and accomplishment can add a rich dimension to the relationship. Communication and compromise are a part of all of...
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