Living on the Edge

Topics: Snow, The Edge, 2006 albums Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Living on the Edge

It was a Friday afternoon in Dayton, Ohio and I could feel the blistering cold wind pound against my face. I made sure to checking every inch of my sled to make sure that I would be safe. I took one last look over the edge. Consumed by fear, I took the plunge off the cliff like hill with my red wooden sled. It was the winter of 2005 and I was 10 years old. Christmas break had just ended and I couldn’t wait to go to school to show off my cherry red wooden sled that I got for Christmas. The entire night I rolled back and forth across the bed, getting too hot then too cold, I couldn’t sleep knowing how excited all my friends would be to see my new sled. Six o’clock came around and I was up and ready before the alarm even went off. I arrive at school to a wave of kids pouring out of their cars and into the building. I get to class only to be bombarded by my best friend Stephan showing off the new toys that he got for Christmas. “Justin look at my new iPod it can hold two thousand songs.” “That’s nothing compared to what I got.’

“What did you get?”
“I got that red sled that we saw in that magazine.”
“That’s awesome. When can we try it out?”
“The next times it snows meet me at “the Hill”.”
“’The Hill”, are you sure you ready for that?”
“Yeah, with this new sled I can do anything.”
Friday morning finally came around, after a never-ending week of school. I’m in my room searching in the dark for my clothes, snubbing to put my pants on, to finally realize that they are on backward. I manage to make it downstairs to the kitchen to be greeted by the sweet buttery smell of fresh baked waffles. I rush to the table and grab the fork and knife and devour the waffle like I have never eaten before. Right as I finish I catch a glimpse of the new on the TV out of the corner of my eye. I cant even believe my eyes, school has been cancelled due to a blizzard like snow storm over night. As soon as I realize what has just happened, I bolt to my...
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