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Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Poetry, Fairy tale Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: January 7, 2014
Duffy has successfully written about childhood and the loss of innocence in ‘little red cap’, discuss with detail reference to the poem and how Duffy has used imagery, syntax and structure effectively in the poem. Little Red Cap is written by Carol Ann Duffy and it is taken from her feminist collection ‘The World’s Wife ‘. Carol Ann Duffy creates a voice for the unspoken, oppressed women, for this reason it has been considered ‘her most feminist work.’ ‘The World’s Wife’ explores the thoughts and opinions from the female counterpart of significant male figures throughout history, many women of whom have been silenced due to the patriarchal society and subordination of women. Duffy subverts many well-known stories from history to centre on the female perspectives, giving a voice to women who have been silenced by male society. Duffy became the first female poet laureate in 2009 and is secure to her own attitudes and appears to understand women very well. The poem “Little Red Cap” originates from a well-known children’s story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The morals of Perrault’s original tale are subverted in Duffy’s as the moral of the story was to be watchful and not talk to strangers. Duffy uses this journey into the woods to depict the journey of women and explores a woman’s journey to independence. The purpose of the original story is based on moral and rules to those children who disobey their parents, However Duffy has deliberately re-told the original story and created the poem to be more sexual and dangerous. Duffy’s change to the title from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to ‘Little Red Cap’ is extremely significant because the cap of liberation reflects Duffy’s feminist views as ‘Red Cap’ connotes the name of freedom from the French war. Duffy does this as she is linking it to the freedom of women. It also connotes the royal military police of the British arm. This also gives us the idea that the young lady in little red cap is a girl whose attitude is strong...
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