Literature and English Novel

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These lectures are part of great courses serious they’re produce by the teaching company the great courses cover abroad ray of university level discipline the lectures in each course are either 30 or 45 minutes long by listening for less than an hour a day you can finish even belong this course in just a week browse catalog in a website and imagine how you could learn if you spent just 30 minutes a day for the next year in a best college class room in the world. The lectures are university professors carefully selected by the teaching company and its customers for electuaries distinguishing and teaching excellent .These lectures are titled the English novel part 1 the lecturer is professor thes vergen professor vergine is associate professor English and the blune England becanin professor English letruture lures university where he’s been teaching for over 50 years professor virgine preform in college where he graduated from magnikme glawd he were own doing his preserving his ma and phd in letruture doctor virgine has written 7 article the cronical of higher education the dickin study annuals and the dickens corgly hes prespiane 7 awords in honors including the freshment study teaching prise the outstanding young teachrow aboard and 3 papcak words from the students of lurens university giving to the person who through involvement and interaction with students has made a positive impact on campus community professor’s vergine prepared the course guide they comes with these lectures the course guiding include the details outline of each lecture glossary a time line by a graphical notes and bibigropgphy to get the most of this course you may find it usefel follow along with outline or rewiew them before or after each lecture Lecture 1 : difentions and distingshins

Welcome to our course on the English novel , this course will be an introduction and the form of history of novelistic in Britain as such it will gives a chance to explore the most popular an influential literary form of last 250 years and my first point might just be of that the novel you picked with us novels are sold in the airport grocery stores and pharmacies they also recommended to us by friends teachers and now even talks hose try to imagine how could we ever get away from them the novel is also important novels helps to shape west understanding society and human psychology if you believe for example that the society is complex and interconnected or if you think that your personality has been shaped by early childhood experience you may owe some of your most basic intellectual assumptions to the novel . novels not only such a source of ideas thinkers likers so also comes to mind they are the most popular and probably the most influential in this lecture and the next one will reviews some of the difining features of novel form and the English novel tradition and particular we wana get a sense might be called the englishnes of the English novel after that we will perceive chronolagiclly tracing the historical development of the English novel form it beginnings in the 1740s to it maybe it’s culmination in 1920s all the way we will consider some of the way of interesting characters and authors in the history English letruter are authors will include sameral richhnsing and fielding from the 1800s century jane auston and john deckns or jaliate in the 1900s century and dh lurence and virgena wolfs of 20s century no priarokones these authors or the works will be assumed Now preparing course like this one scholers and teachers cant find it difficult to decide which authors are be included there certainly a case to be made for it including writers like marey shelley authors frakin staine Robert loyer stevensen doctor jacklen mster highs and so aurthors corner doile the short like home stories nevertheless the scholars will be agree that tht English novel focus on prival and personal manners usually the choice of the...
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