Lin Manuel Miranda Research Paper

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When you think about what you want for your future is there someone you look up to for inspiration? For me this person is Lin Manuel Miranda. Lin is a triple threat; playwright, singer, and actor which are all things I aspire to be. He proved that no matter where you’re from, if you work your hardest you can achieve great things. From a young age Lin’s parents encouraged him to start piano and theatre, which eventually lead to his starts on Broadway and Disney.
Lin Manuel Miranda was born January 16 1980 in New York City. His parents; Luz Towns-Miranda and Luis A. Miranda were both Puerto Rican, which caused for Lin to grow up in a very multicultural environment. When he was just three years old his mother and father both decided to get him started on piano and when he was in eighth grade he took an interest in acting so he started taking theatre classes at his school. The classes quickly lead to Lin discovering an interest in...

“In the Heights” was his first musical to reach Broadway. The musical was about a young man, played by Lin, growing up as a teenager in the rough parts of Puerto Rico. He had used a lot of his grandmother’s stories to really get a connection with what Puerto Rico had been like. After “In the Heights” Lin was hired to help write the score for the Broadway musical “Bring it On”. While on vacation from writing, Lin decided to pick up the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, and started reading. Automatically Lin compared to hard life of Alexander Hamilton to the struggles he often heard in hip hop or rap songs. After this he decided that he would write a modern, hip hop, musical about Hamilton’s life. It took him over one year to write the first song and another year for the second. Finally, after six years of work he was finished writing “Hamilton”. “Hamilton” alone was awarded eleven Tony awards that Lin could add to his four other Tonys from “In the...
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