Light Emitting Diode

Topics: Light-emitting diode, Lighting, Incandescent light bulb Pages: 3 (1154 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Light Emitting Diodes are electronic components that use the flow of electrons to excite materials into emitting photons of light. A diode is a basic electronic component that allows electricity to flow one way only. The discovery of "light emitting" diodes we believe was an accident sometime around 1907 when a diode in an early radio transmitter was noticed to glow when in use. Incandescent bulbs use resistance in a filament to impede the flow of electricity, heating up to a degree which emits light. It takes high amounts of energy to do this and the filament burns out in time and high levels of wasted energy are given off in the form of heat. Quite a "green" product from a manufacturing and chemical/recyclable point of view. CFL "energy savers", fluorescent tubes and many other conventional lamps use higher frequency alternating current to excite harmful chemicals to emit light. One 5 foot 1,5meter tube contains enough mercury to contaminate a swimming pool. Billions have been dumped into waste disposal. Heavy metal poisons have a cumulative effect. In the long term these cannot be a "fix" for the energy crisis we face today. They are poisoning our earth and also us directly through the food chain and locally with emission of harmful UV. So "Energy savers" are in the writers opinion very dangerous and should be banned. Aquifers for example may soon be or may already have been rendered unusable. Cape Town for example has water shortages in summer, but our municipal uncontrolled dumps are sitting on top of these aquifers. With poison being cumulative up the food chain, we worry about the safety of this water. A lot of our vegetables are grown in this area, using this aquifer water. Has this water or these vegetables been tested? LED lighting uses less energy than most other lighting sources, with current commercially available product generation producing 90 or more lumens per watt and doing so with a good power factor....
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