Life of Pi: Richard Parker and Pi

Topics: Tiger, Religion, Philosophy Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Richard Parker is a Royal Bengal tiger with whom Pi shares his lifeboat.Weighing 450 pounds and about nine feet long,he kills the hyena on the lifeboat and the blind cannibal.He is a animal though he has a human name.But in the first,he saves pi twice.At the beginning of the story,Pi is afraid of Richard Parker.And then he tames him,they essential companionship.Richard Parker goes alone when they reach land. When Pi retells the entire story to two representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Transport searching for the cause of the sinking, they express deep disbelief, so he offers them a second story, far more mundane but believable story that parallels the first one. They can choose to believe the more fantastical first one despite its seeming irrationality and its necessary leap of faith, or they can accept the second, far more rational version, more heavily grounded in our everyday experiences. “Richard Parker,thank you.Thank you for saving my life”,says Pi towards the end of part two.If you believe the second story,Rirhard Packer is the animal side of Pi .It’s a tiger who lives in Pi’s imagination.How possible could a imagine animal saves a person’s life in the real world?But it does.When the cook kills Pi’s mother,Pi’s fear and angry break his personality so that he kills and eats the cook just like an animal.And then he creates Richard Parker.So people think that he doesn’t kill anything,it’s Richard Parker.In the first story,Rirhard Packer kills and eats the hyena .Actually,Rirhard Packer doesn’t save Pi’s physical life.It saves Pi’s mind.Pi kills and eats the cook.It’s not the behavious of human being.Pi is guilty so much.After he creates Richard Parker,all of what he does become Richard Packer does.It makes Pi haven’t lost his personality completely.It gives Pi a reason to live. Richard Parker represents Pi’s burden in life.He is also Pi’s reason for living.So it also represent God or faith.Pi has three religious,and he dosen’t want to choose at...
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