Life in Color

Topics: Observation, Participation, Culture Pages: 5 (1613 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Life In Color
Dayglow is an environment where young adults conjure together to experience a social event including art, music, and companionship. I chose to experience and observe this particular environment not only because it pertains to my age group and my particular areas of interest, but also because this experience is something that opens a new perspective on people and how they interact with one another. As I will explain through my observations is the methods I used, the setting, and the overall cultural description.

Dayglow was the cultural scene I evaluated which took place September 14, 2013. This particular event takes place between the times of 8pm and 12am. I believe that the only way to fully comprehend the ambiance of the event is to remain observant and present the entire four hours. The two fieldwork methods that were much use for my research are observation and interviews. What proved to be a great use to me were my informants. My cousins were my informants because they attend all Dayglow and rave like events. These events take place all over the United States, and my cousins are dedicated enough to travel to all of these places and take place in these cultural events. At the Dayglow Nashville event my cousins helped direct me to observe and participate in the event to obtain the full experience. My cousins embody the typical characteristics I observed at Dayglow. The characteristics I noticed were the specific type of attire, age, relationship status, and overall gregarious attitude or personality. The second and most crucial fieldwork method I chose to use was observation. This method exposes me to a true essence what the Dayglow culture pertains and expresses. The selection of my data revolved around the participants throughout the entirety of the event. This focus was solely based on my observations and directions from my informants. The only problems that hindered my research was the temporary absence of my informants. Though this problem was quickly resolved therefore there was no vital loss of research. As I applied these methods, I was able to accurately partake in the Dayglow setting.

The settings I observed while participating in Dayglow, were varied and extravagant. The physical settings created the overall ambiance of this culture. As I entered the staged area, I could hear the intense rhythm of the bass infused with the electronic variation of notes, that we call techno or more specifically Dubstep. The music complemented the atmosphere, which contained vibrant lights of green, white, pink, and the list goes on. These lights synchronized with the beat of the music, and heightened the intensity of one’s frame of mind. The paint was an important aspect of this culture. I could see and feel the paint being sprayed, thrown, and shot amongst those in the crowd. I felt as if the participants, including my informants, were almost entering a world of their own. Their actions portrayed a sense of ecstasy, and they acted almost as if they were living in a fantasy world. The beat of the music along with the different colors of paint and lights, truly set the atmosphere for this culture. As I observed the several participants thriving in their natural environment, it is evident to see the typical attitudes displayed throughout the event. These attitudes contributed greatly to the setting of Dayglow. Throughout the night the constant vibe that was given is one of what is known in the community as P.L.U.R.. This acronym stands for peace, love, unity, and respect.

P.L.U.R. is one of the distinct and important beliefs in the Dayglow culture and community. This would not necessarily be classified as religion, but more of a way of life to those who partake in this society. The ideas of peace, love, unity, and respect are ones of not only how to act, but how to interact with each other. The Dayglow community obtains a free sense of acceptance; behaviors solely revolve around the belief of P.L.U.R. The...
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