Life Expectancy and Resources

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The topic of drill or not to drill is a big topic. Some believe that we have plenty of resources now and that we should save them for later generations that may need them more than we do. Instead they think we should invest in alternative sources of energy, such as solar power and wind. Others believe that we should go ahead and use the resources that we have available to use, starting with the untapped oil fields in Alaska and in the Gulf Coast, and even all the other areas in the country that have not been explored. Others say trying to obtain new power sources will be very expensive and a long process. I can honestly say that I agree with both sides but I am in favor of the United States using all the resources they have and not trying to come up with new way to power America. A new way to power America is not a bad idea just not the one we need to fix our problem. Solar panels and windmills still should be worked on for the future of America, but as for the present we should use all our oil resources.

The reason I say that we need to use our resources is that we are not going to live...
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