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My name is Elijah Askew, “Eli” for short. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. The hospital my mother chose to give birth at is called Brookdale Hospital. Clarice Frederick-Askew(mother) and Horace Askew(father) are my parents, who have been happily married for about 10 years give or take a couple years. On my mother side, I have a brother Cleven Quan Frederick who is 32 years old and a sister Toya Frederick. Also I have three sisters Lisa Askew, Laquana Askew, and Lakindra Askew who are all in their twenties, on my father side. At the end of my fifth grade year, my parents decided to move Queens in hope of a better life. Growing up I like to fight a lot, and one day a mentor by the name of Carl pulled me to the side and told me that I can use that same aggression in sports in a positive way. From that day on, he had me in the park across the street from my house showing me the basics of basketball. I choose basketball over other sports because I feel its the most creative. For elementary school, I attended P.S. 147 which is located between Bushwick projects and Boriquen Projects in brooklyn. Due to the fact that live and went to school in an area such as that, caused me to not focus on school and projected my energy towards fighting and misbehaving. I.S. 59 is the junior high school I went to when I move to queens. For the 3 years I spent their I had hard time either choosing to focus on ball or accepting the “streetlife” as a path for me. With my inability to choose I got kicked off the team both sixth and seven grade, but I finally decided basketball was the way to go during my last year. My first three years of high school, I attended High School for Law Enforcement & Public Safety (H.S.L.E.A.P.S). Freshmen year I started off good , playing on Varsity and my grades was up. Sophmore year is things went haywire, a mix of popularity,fighting, and trying to get money wrong ways was the reasons I started lacking. Junior Year was my breakout year...
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