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LG Group
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"LG" redirects here. For other uses, see LG (disambiguation). LG Group founder Koo In-Hwoi established Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947.[3] In 1952, Lak-Hui (pronounced "Lucky", currently LG Chem) became the first Korean company to enter the plastics industry. As the company expanded its plastics business, it established GoldStar Co., Ltd., (currently LG Electronics Inc.) in 1958. In 1995, so as to better compete in the Western market, the company was renamed "LG", the abbreviation of "Lucky GoldStar". More recently, the company associates its tagline "Life's Good", with the letters LG. Since 2009, LG also owns the domain name LG.com. It is now in the VB.com Internet Hall of Fame among 59 large corporations to own a two letter domain name.[4] [edit] Companies

GoldStar logo, prominently used before the introduction of the LG logo. Since 2001, LG has two joint ventures with Royal Philips Electronics: LG Philips Display and LG.Philips LCD, but Philips sold off its shares in late 2008.[5] Also LG has entered into a joint venture with Nortel Networks and has created LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. LG has a joint venture with Hitachi, Hitachi-LG Data Storage, which manufactures optical data storage products like DVD-ROM drives, CD writers, etc. LG has owned the LG Twins baseball club since 1989. LG acquired American television manufacturing company Zenith in 1999. [edit] Associated companies

GS Group
LS Group
LIG Group
[edit] Group families
[edit] Electronics industries
LG Electronics
LG Display
LG Innotek
Hi Logistics
System Air-Con Engineering
[edit] Chemical industries
LG Chem
LG DOW Polycarbonate
LG Household & Health Care
Coca·Cola Beverage Company
LG Hausys
Hausys Eng
LG Life Sciences
[edit] Telecommunications and Services
LG Telecom
CS Leader
LG Dacom
LG Powercom
DACOM Crossing
DACOM Multimedia Internet
CS ONE Partner
LG N-Sys
Ucess Partners
LG International
Korea Commercial Vehicle
LG Solar Energy
TAMS Media
W Brand Connection
Twenty Twenty
M. Hub
G Outdoor
Bugs Com Ad
L. Best
LG Management Development Institute: Economic Research Institute LG Management Development Institute: Academy
[edit] Sports and apparel
LG Sports
LG Fashion
LG International Corp. - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review Summary
LG International Corporation (LG International) is engaged in trading business. It is a Korean company, which operates under three business divisions namely energy and metal division, industrial material division and import and distribution division. The company provides petroleum, natural gas, crude oil, coals, steels, nonferrous metals, mobile and display devices, security gates, automobile components, display components, electronics components and electronic equipment, helicopters and commercial cars, as well as provides transportation services. The company is headquartered at Seoul, South Korea. Global Markets Direct's LG International Corp. - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review is an in-depth business, strategic and financial analysis of LG International Corp.. The report provides a comprehensive insight into the company, including business structure and operations, executive biographies and key competitors. The hallmark of the report is the detailed strategic analysis of...
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