Level 3 Diploma for Children’s Care, Learning & Development/ S. Barbour (D) Unit 024: Promote Child and Young Person Development Task 3- Outcome 3 – Ac 3.1; 3.2

Topics: Developmental psychology, Child, Learning Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Stimulating and attractive
In my setting children learn through senses, interesting and visually attractive, stimulating activities to promote their learning and development covering all the subjects of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. The classroom has a computer and an interactive white board, a role-play corner, story corner, sand and water trays, all these areas are well utilised on a daily basis providing opportunities to be actively involved in practical and challenging experiences while encouraging their creativity as well as developing their skills through their work and play. Number puppies, games, painting, library book stand, board displays covering topics e.g. seasons and topics/ themes, wall displays covered from top to bottom, with numbers, letter sounds, children’s names and birthdays, jobs, rules, days of the week, months of the year, sticker charts for individual children and for best table, these colourful displays are very important for the teacher in challenging the children’s learning and thinking, while promoting a caring environment where children’s learning is developed within the context of their individual needs and abilities. In my setting pupils are encouraged to set and achieve personal, social and academic goals through a planned and developmental programme, to gain maximum benefit from their time in school.

Well planned and organised

My setting provides a well-planned and organised environment for children to learn, by ensuring their plans are collaborative, holistic, child focused and informed by observations assessments which are on-going formative and integral to learning, with participation in all the activities which are interesting, varied and taking into account the developmental stage of the children.

High quality policies in place and followed

My setting adheres to legislation and follow policies and procedures based on Requirements, individual & group needs.

Involving parents and carers where...
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