Letter to President

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Dear President Obama
Mr President, I do not feel things are going as planned, I feel our economy is in a downhill spiral and has no outlook for success what so ever. In this letter I would like to address a few things such as: rising oil prices, Foreign aid and illegal immigration. Gas prices are currently so high they cripple the average citizen from holding value in many aspects of life, the biggest one being travel, everything requires travel, to visit family, to go on vacation, to get to work and getting to the store or other places that require a personal appearance. Its known that we have oil reserves that are untouched because it may offend foreign countries, some in specific that seemingly hate our guts, (the middle east mainly) I don’t feel we need to support these countries and they should be forced to take their trade elsewhere while we enhance our own self-sustaining industry. We are so dependent on the rest of the world from food, to gas, to toys as well as customer service one EVERYTHING. This in my opinion has led other countries into thinking we are a bottomless pit of fortune and money which they would undoubtedly run us until there is nothing left. We need to use OUR oil reserves and then try to move towards enabling other technologies to move in to and convert our oil dependencies onto something more renewable and cleaner. The environmentalists need to be shut out of this situation and be denied so much pull, on this specific situation, meaning they shouldn’t be excluded from any other environmental situations.

Second I would like to touch base on the aspect of foreign aid to the Muslim areas, which tie in with the recent ambassador assassination. The fact that these people are demanding foreign aid is ridiculous and should be cut off from such a supply immediately, they are biting the hand that has apparently been feeding them, which has most likely been left somewhat under the radar for a reason, the people would not agree with these...
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