Letter in Response to Noelle Mcarthys Article

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victimisation Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: October 16, 2012
3 Different Rd
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9:30am Wednesday 27th June 2012

Dear Ms Noelle McCarthy,
Having read your article: ‘Being different will only result in tears’ I can understand your point of view although I can’t help but disagree. Your personal experience may be true, moreover, it is only one story...out of a possible 7 billion! You said that being unique will only mean you are picked on, but in my opinion this is not true as people look up to someone with a new style and it is often emulated, how else would fashions start? Perhaps one of your main points is how it is ‘instinctive ‘to blend in, follow the crowd as anything else will result in being bullied. Hans kruuk did an experiment where he marked an x on a gazelle, then release it back into the wild. This study showed the marked animal became a target and was killed every time. You then applied this to school children, saying they know it does not pay to be different. I say you cannot compare humans and animals. Animals eat each other, it is their way of life in contrast humans eat animals because we are the superior race bullying is a moral evil, not a natural evil. A group of scientists at Oxford University carried out a three-year study looking at why cats and kittens are scared of their owners, and if this is instinctive or simply developed in childhood. Their results showed that on average 90% of cats who are scared of humans were bullied as a kitten. No cat naturally tries to blend in, however it tries to make relationships. When kittens have abusive owners, it resulted in them becoming scared of all humans, as they might get hurt again. If you are a victim you become conscious and try to fit in to stop the event re-occurring, therefore this disproves your statement that ‘Every school child knows instinctively; it does not pay to be different’; this behaviour is learned. You say that no one should help someone being bullied, because they will become a target too, ‘so we keep away...
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