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Letter: Education and School Dear Friend

By Mishees Nov 23, 2014 422 Words
North Nazimabad
ABC Road Karachi
Date 20th Nov ‘14
Subject Letter to friend telling about school
Dear Friend Sara,
Hello! How are you? Hope you are fine I am also fine here by the grace of Allah. Its long time to see you. I recall all those moments spent with you. Last week I receive your letter asking about school and its changes. I am very excited to tell you about our school traditions. A year ago you have left the school and shifted to another, from that day our school has totally changed .The surrounding you see gave you a pleasure and cool look, full of greenery , flowers and a healthy environment. Implausible activities, fun and much more… Our school is alienated in some section that is ECD, junior and senior. Here first come ECD sections that are full of charming small kids, than come junior section creative and growing children and then last comes senior section which is our country new upcoming future full of hopes. Now here I would like to add a little bit information about our school new curriculum activities. It is full of miraculous events. Every start of month we get our calendar of month which tells that these activities will be run throughout the month. Some of the events are like: debate competitions, spelling bee contest, different skill full campaigns, sport competition, club activities (drama, cooking, taekwondo etc.) and much more. These activities help students to get education with fun, interest, curiosity and enjoyment. These activities increase mental level of thinking of a child and help in studies. The main thing I would like to tell you about our school management. Everyone is performing their duties properly. I would like to salute our teachers that work very hard on student, which you can observe by seeing students result. These teachers gave their spare time to children so their theories get strong and achieve good ranks. Our teachers play main role on students, make them self-governing and stable, gave them bulk of confidence that they can’t be terrified of anyone in their mysterious life. Here I would like to add quotation “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward. Their also introduce many opportunities for student there you will see proctor, secretary, councilors, prefects and monitors. Here I would like to end. It’s time to go and say goodbye to you! Hope we will meet soon and had a great time. Your Love


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