Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned Paper
University of Phoenix

Lessons Learned Paper

In the beginning of the residency, I was defiantly apprehensive about meeting new people and engaging in this new environment. Since that point both my view and perception has significantly changed. In addition to meeting a host of new students, I was finally able to put faces to the names that I have been communicating with in many of my previous courses. This experience has fostered some new friendships’ and the rekindling some that were created in past learning teams. Environment

Initially the greatest surprise was how the instructor defused the evident and seemingly palpable tension that was caused by the collective anxiety of his students adapting to this new learning environment. This element combined with the use of icebreaking activities helped to remove my hesitation to communicate and become a proactive contributing member of the class. On this first day, I was overwhelmed by my fellow student’s presentations because I am not employed by a large organization. Never less, I feel that my insight and objectivity was a valuable contribution to the class. I also felt appreciated with the abundant need for assistance with technology. Balance

One of the most effective skills that I have refined during my time here is time management. Through the learning team presentations and mutual discussions, I have found new and better ways to manage my time effectively. This experience assisted our learning team in making the most of our time together. Jacobs and Hyman (2009) state that keeping a log and creating a study plan is the best way to start a course. In addition, a student can use this log and plan to better plan out the best times to work on upcoming assignments. The first thing I plan to do when I get home is to schedule out my study and homework time so I do not become overwhelmed in my next course. I feel that this will help me in two ways; first, this will provide ample time to absorb the information for maximum retention, and secondly it will provide a framework to ensure all assignments will be completed within a timely manner. Proffer

I will use this learning experience to contribute to my future communities in a positive manner by employing the many methods learned during course. In addition to employing productive time management skills I plan to use what I discovered about team dynamics to complete the storming process faster in future learning teams. The one regret that I have about my experience is that it took a long time for us all to open up and be able to perform as cohesive unit. I believe that this is due to the difficulty in opening up to strangers. To get past this point faster I will try to use one of the icebreaker activities to foster communication that is more open. This could be a powerful tool in the development of a team as well as taking minutes to record the progress and actions taken in our group assignments. By obtain these new sources of communal insight and progress tracking we will be more able to refine our process and create the flexibility needs to work in a dynamic environment. To become a better student, leader, and innovator I must overcome the difficulties that I have in speaking to large groups. This will be a good skill to develop because it would definitely aid me in both my academic and professional careers. After watching all of the teams perform their presentations, I have gained further insight about my fellow students and the common issues that we all have in dealing with public speaking. I feel that this understanding of human nature will allow me to better communicate and translate ideas to use in presentations and speaking formats. The learning team assignments provided a positive team building experience as we learned what each team member had to offer. In reference to the residency as a whole, I most enjoyed working...

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