Lesson 9

Topics: Windows Installer, Installation, Computer software Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: May 11, 2015
a) zap file
b) Assign
c) Basic User
d) hash
e) path rule
f) Publish
g) self- healing
h) distribution share
i) msi file
j) hash rul
___g____ 1. This feature of Group Policy software installation will automatically reinstall critical application files if they are accidentally or maliciously deleted. ___i____ 2. Group Policy software installations rely on this file type to create an installation package that can be cleanly Assigned and Published and that has self- healing capabilities. ___c____ 3. This Default Security Level in Software Restriction Policies will disallow any executable that requires administrative rights to run. ___f____ 4. This Group Policy software installation option is not available in the Computer Configuration node. ___h____ 5. When deploying software with Group Policy, you need to create one or more of these to house the installation files for the applications that you wish to deploy. ___j____ 6. This software restriction policy rule will prevent executables from running if they have been modified in any way by a user, virus, or piece of malware. ___a____ 7. If you need to deploy a software installation package that does not have an msi file available, you can create one of these as an alternate ___d____ 8. This describes a series of bytes with a fixed length that uniquely identifies a program or file. ___e____ 9. This software restriction policy rule will allow or prevent applications from running that are located within a particular folder or subfolder. ___b____ 10. This GPO software installation method can be used to automatically install an application when a computer starts up or a user logs in.

Multiple Choice
1. Which of the following rule types apply only to Windows Installer packages? a. Hash rules b. Certificate rules c. Internet zone rules d. Path rules 2. Which file type is used by Windows Installer?

a. . inf b. . bat...
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