Leonardos Shadow

Topics: Question, Leonardo da Vinci Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Chapter 16
Caterina woke up Giacomo saying master needs to see him in the kitchen. Giacomo asks Leonardo why he was sent with the wrong painting for he had suffered and got beat up. Leonardo tells Giacomo to get to Messer Tombi with his order and to meet him in Santa Maria with what he gives him. Giacomo goes into the study and picks up the wrong letter but when he opens it up it’s a letter from Cecilia saying she is coming to Milan to visit and she wants her portrait and she says she wants to see Giacomo. Giacomo asks why she referred to him as “our Giacomo” but Master says she takes interest in him. Messer Tombi makes a deal with Giacomo for when Master finishes the Last Supper he will be the first to be paid by Leonardo and in return Messer will teach him the art of color. Giacomo’s first lesson had begun when Messer brought him to the back of the store.

Chapter 17
In this chapter, Giacomo begins to look for master’s invention. He starts at Maggio’s shop. Maggio quickly hides his work when he sees Giacomo and he gives him a piece of wood for master for a new panel for painting. After leaving the workshop, Giacomo meets Renzo and they go to the market to eat when they see some man being robbed, they ignore it and sit down and eat two roasted pigeons.

Chapter 18
Today master has a lesson so that’s why there was a knock on the door. Giacomo hates when the students come. Master was busy so he asked Giacomo to start setting things up and letting in the students, they insulted Giacomo. Tommaso tells Giacomo he has no parents and then he starts to wonder who his parents really are. Tommaso also tells Leonardo that Michelangelo is coming into town but Leonardo thinks he is bluffing. Just when the class begins to settle there is a knock at the door of four men and horses asking for master. Giacomo gets him to come to the door but master has to leave so he left Giacomo in charge of the lesson and that is when the students beat up Giacomo...
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