Leiningen Versus the Ants

Topics: Personality psychology, A Story, Trait Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Leiningen versus the Ants

In any story, characters are made from an author, but they actually living in the story. They have their own particular traits that human has. People can be describe as many type of people by the traits they has, and just like the characters in the story can be describe as a type of person. In story “Leiningen versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson was an example of shown that Leiningen a characters could be describe as a intelligent, respectable leader and a brave person. This story was basically about the battle between the human and the ants which can eat any thing up. It shows the human versus the nature too, Leiningen as the human, and the ants as the nature.

Any way, one trait Leiningen has was intelligent. In the story the quote “Even here in this Brazilian wilderness, his brain had triumphed over every difficulty and danger it had so far encountered.”(p#1) shows Leiningen was smart because this quote had simplify he use his brain to limit to come of a plan and use it helping people. Also the quote “When I began this model farm and plantation three years ago, I took into account all that could conceivably happen to it” (p#1) exactly saying he is intelligent, because he made a model farm that mean he already have a plan three years ago, it hard for anyone to come of a plan so he is smart. Also he use only his mind to imagine out any thing could happen, he think of any possibility and add it to the plan.

Another trait Leiningen been describe is respectable leader. In the story the quote “But so great was the Indian’s trust in Leiningen, in Leiningen’s words, and in Leiningen’s wisdom, that they received his curt tidings, and his orders for the imminent struggle, with the calmness in which they were given”(p#1) demonstrates because of Leiningen’s hard work on the plantation and receiving the challenge of ants. He has successfully amassed the support of the most resulting in his role as a leader for his people the Indians. People...
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