Leila Hicks Research Paper

Topics: Family, Mother, High school, Marriage, Sibling, Grandparent / Pages: 6 (1340 words) / Published: Dec 21st, 2015
Leila Hicks is a nineteen-year-old young adult that lives in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire; also known to be one of the wealthiest towns of the state. She attends Dartmouth College, which is about 90 miles apart and approximately 2 hours in length by car. When she was a freshman in college, she commuted her distance to and from her parent’s house in order to be closer to her beloved and ill Nana; also known to be her nanny since birth. After she completed her freshman year, her nanny encouraged her to move to a closer location from her college, and they could possibly see each other on the weekends. Once Leila decided that moving to a different location near her college was more beneficial for her studies, she accepts her offer and later on …show more content…
I would say that as far as her physical growth goes, she is tall, petite, with dark hair, and big bright eyes. She also does not seem to have a cause and effect intellect for the reason that she does not seem to reflect back at her improper actions such as insulting those around her with less money than her. She is self-absorbed and is very superficial; resulting her to truly believe that fashion and the way an individual dresses is everything, and those that do not dress as nicely, do not deserve her time of day. For the domain of autonomy, I would say the conflict she has with her parents is an issue because they are never home. The person that she truly feels ever cared about her is her nanny. Leila is also very confident about her body and self-image, and she is not afraid to show off by wearing very preppy and pristine clothing. For her peer group, we can say she has a very strong friendship alignment with her two best friends and roommates whose names are Betty, and Jen. They are also from the same social class as her, and they share the same beliefs as her. For her identity development, she begins to experiment with alcohol usage with her friends, and she also experiments in gatherings such as hooking up with guys of her social economic status. With these domains that are described, we can say that Leila falls under the middle adolescence stage ages 15-17, …show more content…
With the Microsystem, we can say that Leila’s microsystem is her peers because she relies so much on them, and she confides better with all her college peers that are in the same social economic status as her. For Exosystem, Leila seems to be affected by her parent’s constant absence while growing up. The only times she would spend time with them would be on holidays, and she would get so excited for those days. They would be holidays that they had left early for an important flight, and she would try not to get too upset by it by confiding to her nanny, who seemed to be there for her when she needed someone the most. This system made an impact on Leila growing up, making her more independent. The indirect interaction would be identified as the individuals or business people that constantly make last minute work related trips for the parent’s of Leila. For Mesosystem, we can say that Leila is aligned to what she was taught at home and in her school. Because of where she lives, and where she went to school nearby her neighborhood, everyone also believes that people with less money than them are inferior, so the teachings they taught her in school growing up and in her home were pretty aligned. For the Macrosystem, it can be said that where she lives, neighbors are identified to have one common identity and value, like their socio-economic

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