Legalization Of Marijuana

Topics: Cannabis, Brain, Medicine Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: May 3, 2015
Pak Hin Leung
Prof. Torregiante
PSY 2012 (66396)
March 5, 2015
Legalization of Marijuana
The Legalization of marijuana is a very controversial topic in the United States. Everyone discusses whether marijuana should be legalized or not. There are two uses of marijuana. We can use marijuana for both medical use and recreational use. However, most of the states have not legalized it for the recreational use. Marijuana consists of THC and cannabidiol. Actually, there are some medical benefits of marijuana. Therefore, the states should legalize marijuana for the medical use but not for recreational use due to the negative short-term and long-term effects on body for recreational use. There are also negative effects for adolescents who smoke marijuana, but there are positive effects when it is used for medical treatment. First of all, marijuana acts on the central nervous system, which consists of the brain and spinal cord. It is the most important system in our bodies. If cannabinoid receptors in the brain are found in high density, it will influence pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination, sensory and time perception. Those are all the short-term negative effects of marijuana. Also, the THC can lead to addiction due to over stimulation. Marijuana can also lower the cerebellar metabolism and the cerebellar volume in people who are heavy users. This is because the cerebellum is responsible for the sense of balance and for coordinating the body's movements. So, it changes the structure and the function that is associated with motor control. Moreover, it may also have a negative effect on the memory and cause difficulty with complex tasks. All of those negative effects are related to our daily life. There is a report that shows a two-fold increase in car crashes associated with the use of THC. As a result, we can see that the marijuana causes many negative short-term and long-term effects on our body. Therefore, marijuana should not...
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