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Topics: Lighting, Light-emitting diode, Metal halide lamp Pages: 4 (1122 words) Published: April 9, 2013
LED Lighting Business Case Study – Raleigh, NC Convention Center Underground Parking Deck (Raleigh, NC) The City of Raleigh, NC was building a new downtown convention center as part of a downtown revitalization plan. The City had an objective to implement many elements of sustainable design in the design and construction of this new complex. The construction project included a new three-level underground parking deck serving the convention center as well as a new hotel across the street from the convention center. Raleigh was the first city to join the LED City® initiative in February of 2007, and has been evaluating and deploying LED lighting in multiple applications throughout the city. As the city considered potential projects for LED lighting deployment, the underground parking deck represented a compelling opportunity for LED lighting since the lighting operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of course, like all of Raleigh’s LED lighting projects, the economics must be attractive as the city is spending public funds. The construction of the deck was well underway by the time the LED lighting evaluation began, and the lighting locations were already set. The initial specifications called for 544 fixtures using 175 Watt metal halide lamps. To gather LED lighting proposals, the city issued a performance specification for highefficiency lighting, and received a proposal from BetaLED. The BetaLED light fixture proposed for this project is shown below.

Courtesy of BetaLED

BetaLED Edge Parking Deck Fixture The BetaLED lighting alternative was compared against the traditional lighting system in terms of a 15year life cycle cost as well as the lighting levels provided in the parking deck. The LED lighting system needed to meet the light level requirements as specified, and the proposal from BetaLED did so.

Lighting Assessment The light levels for the parking deck were measured by the design-engineering firm in general accordance with the IES LM64...
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