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Career Investigation – Social Worker

Submitted by: Christina Haskins

A social worker works with people who are dealing with a crisis or have been socially excluded. They give support to provide help for these people. Many social workers work with young people and there families.

Skills and qualities:
* Organisational skills
* Interpersonal skills
* Communication skills

Qualifications and training:
To become a qualified social worker, the following courses can be taken:

Route 1
College: University College Dublin
Basic Entry requirements:Higher B3 in one of Physics, Biology or Chemistry. Admission procedure: CAO – 435 in 2012
Course Code:TR913
Course Duration: 4 years
Course Content: Social Theory, core midwifery practicer
Qualification:Bachelor of Science (AOBS) in Midwifery

Route 2
College: Waterford Institute of Technology
Basic Entry requirements:Interview.
Admission procedure: CAO – 350 in 2012
Course Code:WD052
Course Duration: 2 years
Course Content: Social Theory
Qualification:Bachelor of Science.

Out of class learning experience:
* I looked up on the internet about social working and what it involves. * I went to a Careers Exhibtion and I learned all about social working at the Waterford Institute of Technology stand. * I interviewed a person who is involved with social working.

Evaluation of the career in the light of personal aptitudes, interests and Leaving Certificate subjects: I would like to do social working as a profession as I like to listen to people and try help them with their problems that they are having. I have done aptitude tests on websites such as Qualifax and fas and social working came up as my top professionnumorous times.

Evaluation of career investigation:
I have decided that social working would be the best profession for me as I have a passion for listening to people and helping them solve there problems....
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