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Learning from the Past

By yoricca Apr 12, 2010 299 Words
Learning about the past
Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. There are several views from the people, whether important or not for us keep memorizing the thing that had happened in the past and then try to put on ours life now. For this topic, I would like to discuss about the positive and negative impacts that we can get from that. First of all, there are some proverbs said, the bad experiences are the best teacher that can bring us to live more better in the present or future. For instance, when the first time we learned how to drive a car, probably we might have gotten accident because of lack experiences, but by the time we had already used to it, we will able to drive with easily and pretty sure we know how to handle the car even though the road is treacherous. In addition, learning about the past can make us more efficient either in time or money. Moreover, we can give a good impacts to other people too. In general, the child will always follow in his/her parents behavior during the process of maturity. However, there are also some adverse results that we can get if we still stick with something in the past. People who had ever committed with drugs, they should try to forget it. Otherwise, they will never move on. In my opinion, I agree that learning about something in the past can bring us some value, success will not come without failure, especially old history, that can make our next generation become appreciate about their ancestors and interest to know the history of the world.

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