Learning English through Social Issue

Topics: Adolescence, Hong Kong, Puberty Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: December 7, 2013
Learning English through Popular Culture
Sexy photos of teen models are polished in magazines and you fell that these photos have a negative impact. Write a letter to the editor describing the situation and suggesting what the media, teenagers and parents can do about it.

Dear Editor,
It has been brought to the limelight that sexy photo of teen models has become prevalent lately. Stakeholders from different walks of life have various perceptions about this issue. As a major stakeholder myself, a teenager, I would like to voice my opinion towards this hot topic.

Seeing sexy photos of teen models on magazines is no longer a new thing to Hong Kong citizens. The emergence of teen model was fostered under the opening mindset of HonkKongers. I cannot deny the hard fact that teen model is the output of the change in citizens’ mindset and people cannot exploit the existence of a certain industry, in this case the teen model industry, but my stance point is that the prevalence has gone too far.

What I mean by “the prevalence has gone too far” is that provocative photos of teen models started to appear in places that they are not suppose to be. A case in point is the “intrusion” of teen model in the annual book fair. This sparked intense discussion and controversy while I opted to take the stance agreeing that it create negative trend to the practice.

On a macro view, not only has the prevalence of teen model and their provocative photos create negative rend to the book fair practice, but also posed detrimental imparts to the community as whole.

In the first place, the popularization of teen models sexy photos promotes pornography as well as inappropriate-open minds towards sex in teenagers. In the long run, it can constitute various serious problems, such as teen pregnancy, teen abortion and compensated dating etc. As juveniles are the future pillars of the society, we cannot let them go astray.

Secondly, it also worsens the reputation of some...
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